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I`m pretty sure that you have heard about chatbots and what they can do to help you run your business ─ or just assist you in your everyday life.

Yes, they are great, and you know how they work, but do you know what is happening behind the closed doors before the chatbot is published to help you in your marketing campaign or day to day life?

Maybe not. Today, we will talk about custom marketing chatbot development features that you should include to have a successful bot.

 A Welcome Message

An important step which should not be forgotten.

In fact, a warm welcome can make you or brake you.

If you have a smart and funny “Welcome” message to start with and interact with your users, the conversation flow will be better. It means that your chatbot connected and interested the user in communicating. 

Product Recommendations

This is a great feature to have. It will recommend customer products based on a shopping pattern and data that your chatbot has collected, and in the end, it will lead to more sales for your business.

Offer a Menu

That`s right.

According to the latest research, people like to interact with a chatbot that has a menu to offer.

This is a great feature to have, as you can provide this by using buttons and, instead of a long chat, your user will select from the menu on how to interact with your chatbot.

Fun, Fun, Fun

How many times have heard this?

“She was so rude.”

“For a Help desk, they were not so helpful.”

I have heard it so many times. So, what’s the point of having a chatbot if it will act like a robot and not be helpful?

By adding a dose of humor to your chatbot, it will amuse the user, and your customer will be coming back to chat with your bot, which will lead to more engagement.

Be Unique

With so many chatbots out there, how can you be sure that your customers will find your bot?

Make it unique.

By giving a personal and unique name to your bot, it will be connected to your brand’s image, and it will be easier to find and recognized in a sea of thousands of chatbots.

Collect Data

Data and analytics are the bread and butter for the marketing sector.

A cool feature to have with your bot is to collect data in real time and make reports.

According to those reports, you can modify your marketing strategy and see what users think of your brand.

Integration of Social Media

Before building your chatbot, make sure that it can have as many integrations as you need.

If your brand or marketing campaign is active on several Social Media platforms and you have a big audience, then make sure that your chatbot can be added to those platforms.

There is no point to having a bot if it can`t help you with your Social Media marketing.

Also, one of the great features is payment integrations; it will be handy to add that to your bot, as well. This way, your bot will be handling customer service and payment features too.


Test and Train.

You can`t have a successful bot if you don’t train and test it properly.

The training is focused on bot understanding and conversation flow, so check what questions and sentences your bot does not understand.

Testing is a crucial part of the process. Before you publish your chatbot, be sure that you have thoroughly tested it.  Test your bot with several browsers, different conversations, and multiple users at once.

If your bot has any errors, it will be better if they pop up during testing than when live, so you will have time to fix it before it does go live.

Final Thoughts

Your brand ─ Your Voice ─ and a chatbot can help you with your brand image.

Chatbots are the perfect mix of Artificial Intelligence, Social Media and customer support; they are like the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, everything you need to have a great start to your successful campaign.

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Posted by Maya S.