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Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, robots. . . These are the words that we hear or read about every day.

However, we have seen chatbots in the past ─ remember Microsoft Clippy?

Chatbots are not new, but the idea of what they are capable of is currently exploding.

Marketers have revealed the power of chatbots and how they fit into their marketing strategies. In fact, most marketing campaigns are run or aided by a chatbot, and in the marketing world, being quick often means making the sale.

Chatbots have everything you need in your marketing campaign; they can help you from sales, engagement, marketing, distribution, analytics and more.

So, how can you use a chatbot in your marketing strategy?

Chatbots for eCommerce

Having a chatbot integrated into your eCommerce store can help you to drive sales.

Chatbots can also have the ability to interact with customers using fun methods, have the potential to inspire purchases, and increase the number of items in customer’s shopping carts.

Using personalized messages and learning about consumer behavior, chatbots can offer exactly what they need. And, it`s like having a personal concierge, as well.

The Power of Messaging

Chatbots live in a place today where people are visiting all the time, and it`s the preferred way of communicating among the millennials. Questions can be asked and answered quickly, and on the go, so messaging platforms seem to be perfect for eCommerce.

Marketers see the opportunity of an easy-to-use and efficient chatbot. If we take apps, for example, chatbots don’t need to be downloaded, updated and they don`t take up space on your cell phone.

However, they do everything that apps fail to do ─ and, they offer personalized service ─ instantly.

Perfect Customer Service

Customer service is where 20% of all the big brands get bad reviews.

Customers will wait on your phone line, listening to the messaging options, and in the end, will receive a tired agent that can`t adequately help them.

Thankfully, chatbots can take over the customer service space. They can communicate with several clients at once, and people today, like it to be personal as that’s what drives them to be loyal to the brand.

With the improvement in personalization and targeting capabilities, chatbot marketing will become more popular with marketers as a way of sending individualized and personalized messages to meet customer’s needs.

Bots are Easy to Use

When you think of making a robot, it can sound scary, especially if you don`t know how to code and if opening a zip file can be tricky for you.

However, you don`t need to worry. Today, chatbots are such a success because they are easy to use and even simpler to build.

You don`t need to be a programmer to make one; you can select an enterprise chatbot platform, such as Chattypeople, to make your first chatbot. It`s all drag and drop, and it gives you the possibility to think outside of the box and make your chatbot your power tool.

A Bot With a Personality

Even though chatbots are robots, that doesn’t mean that you can`t have a chatbot with a personality.

Today, you can have a simple chatbot that can just reply to consumers’ inquires or have a NLP-powered chatbot that will act human-like and interact with your customers.

Studies have shown that 65% of people prefer to interact with human-like chatbots over a real human. For marketers, the lesson is that just because an engagement is digital, it does not need to be devoid of personality.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating bots into your marketing strategy, you will satisfy your consumers’ demands for instant gratification.

This is because:

  • Bots are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any inquiries.
  • Your consumers will see that you are attentive, and always there to help them with their queries.
  • Although you should make sure your customers know they are talking to a bot, bots are now able to respond to people with a level of empathy, making them more human-like.
  • People who have to stay on hold to speak to a human representative, more often than not, will hang up and avoid the brand in the future. Worst yet, they will leave bad reviews.

Bots can cut out on the waiting time, giving your customers the attention they deserve, enabling them to be happy and leave great reviews.

Posted by Maya S.