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Chatbots are small, software programs that interact with people using Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots are a new way for consumers to connect with brands, in the same way they talk to their friends – through chat.

Chatbots are not new, but the idea of what they can do is new, and they are designed to replicate human conversation.

Marketers are enchanted by chatbots and with good reason.

Chatbots can take 100% of all marketing campaigns with 0.0001% chance of mistakes. If you think outside of the box, your chatbot can be your new secret weapon.

Disney was so original when they promoted Zootopia. They created the Officer Judy Hopps bot on Facebook with one goal – to promote the Zootopia movie.

Officer Judy engaged with all users by playing a game with them and giving them a case to solve. Do you know what happened? Users spent 10 minutes, on average, solving cases. And, many of the users came back to play with the chatbot again. This is an excellent example of a 21st Century marketing experience.

In the past, marketers had to struggle when they used applications to interact with their consumers. But with chatbots, on the other hand, they don`t need any of that because they are built into your favorite Messenger platform. As a result, marketers’ jobs became easier.

But why should marketers care about chatbots?

Chatbots can interact within many fields in a marketing campaign that will leave marketers time to focus on other things and make better plans for their campaign.

Visitor Engagement

It`s simple. Every brand needs to make and retain a relationship with their consumers and visitors who can potentially be customers.

Please give a huge welcome to chatbots – they do what they do best ─ chat.

Chatbots are not only increasing customers’ engagement, but they are interacting with all clients on a personal level, offering personalized solutions and suggestions by answering their questions.

Spread the Brand’s Voice

This is a valuable lesson in every marketing handbook. But how do you stay on the top and be present on every Social Media platform?

Do you have time to interact with all consumers or to post as much as you can to keep your marketing campaign active?

Normally, you will need a team of people who will be handling this, but that is expensive, so I`m introducing you the bot – a chatbot.

Chatbots are like ants; they are always working.

Imagine that you need to run a campaign that will be worldwide famous, meaning that consumers from all around the world, in different times zones and speaking different languages, will contact you.

Can you stay up all night and speak several languages? Probably not, but your bot can.

Your chatbot can post on every Social Media platform for you, interact with all users, all the time, in several languages, and interact with multiple users at one time ─ all with a personal note.

Tailored Content

By asking simple questions while interacting with consumers, chatbots can pull content that was specified in users’ questions and answers, and in that way, visitors don`t need to spend time searching for what they need.

Chatbots are monitoring users’ behavior, shopping patterns and habits, and accordingly sending messages. Imagine that you are a bakery brand and you have a user who is on a diet. By following the user’s habits and by answering simple questions, a chatbot can collect data that helps them to be more personalized.

Next time, when you have a new, gluten-free bagel, your chatbot will send an instant personalized message to the consumer letting them know of your new product.

Analytics on the Go

Analytics play a big part of every business, especially marketing.

Having real time analytics will help marketers to make crucial decisions on how to run their marketing campaign. But running analytics reports sounds like a hectic task. It probably was a hard thing to do a couple of years ago, but not now, not in the “Era of the Bot.”

Chatbots powered with Artificial Intelligence and backed up with Natural Language Processing absorb information from the consumer and deliver analytics reports within a minute ─ all in real time.

Chatbots analyze preferences, locations, shopping habits, consumers’ ages, etc. ─ Everything you need to run a successful campaign.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots have a significant influence in the marketing world. Their uses are endless. How a chatbot can help you depends on you and how you will train your bot. But there is one thing we are sure of ─ your consumers will love it.

Posted by Maya S.