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About Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is a successful social media consultant that runs the international social marketing media agency Influence People, based in downtown San Francisco, and has a proven track record consistently delivering desired results to his clients.

Murray Newlands is a regular speaker at major events in Europe and the US and focuses on social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing. He is also the author of several eBooks available for purchase.

Mr. Newlands also runs The Affiliate Marketing Awards and the London, Los Angeles and San Francisco Blog Clubs.

A former lawyer, Murray Newlands started online marketing in 1999 and has worked with some of the industry’s leading agencies, advertisers and networks since then.


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Murray Newlands is an expert in the social Media marketing, online marketing strategy, content marketing, social media monitoring tools, blogging, podcasting, video blogging, blogging outreach, email marketing and link building/link development/search engine optimization fields.

Mr. Newlands is a contributor to the book Internet Marketing From The Real Experts.”


Quotes about Murray Newlands:

Steve Hall said:

“I’ve watched, with a fair degree of jealously I might add, Murray rise to the top of the “blogosphere” writing about affiliate marketing and marketing in general on his blog. Murray is a remarkable, honest, and intelligent guy who contributes a great deal to the industry and helps marketers understand the value of blogging and social media. If you want a go-to guy for tips about blogging, he is your man. And he’s done it all in just one year He’s got a magical touch and an incredible sense of what works and what doesn’t. And he’s everywhere. He attends and speaks at all the major industry conferences.”

Revenue Today said:

“Known as one of the gurus of international online marketing, Murray has recently taken on the challenge of using performance marketing techniques in the environmental field in order to help promote green energy and carbon credits. It is not often that we do an interview of this nature, however here we have a chance to interview an outstanding individual whose work leads to contributions of major significance in the field.”

JohnChow said:

“I have watched, even scrutinized his progress. Murray is proof that you can start small (well actually he could still lose a pound or two) and go a long way in just a year. Just look at his Alexa stats. He has come from nowhere (aka the UK) – to one of the largest blogs about affiliate marketing. This is pretty remarkable for someone who has only just started blogging.”

Shawn Collins said:

“Murray is a bright and inspirational personality in the affiliate marketing community.”

Brian Nelson, CEO of Transcos and Coreg Media said:

“I have worked with Murray for many years and cannot say enough wonderful things about him! I wish I had more time to speak with him and pick his brain about his incredible knowledge of online marketing. If you are considering working with someone who had vast knowledge of what “works & is profitable” online, look no further because Murray is your man!”

Eric Schechter, social media manager at Clickbooth said:

“Murray drives thousands of dollars of traffic per month as an affiliate for the network and had been a huge help in promoting the network.”


Contributions by Murray Newlands:

“Top Ten Tips for Writing Product Reviews”

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