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Murray Newlands is a social media consultant based in Cambridge working in London, New York and San Francisco. He has been delivering marketing advice for the last 13 years.

What can a social media consultant do for me?

Help you identify if and how social media can meet your business objectives. Advice you on the creating and delivery of a social media plan.

Social media is about interacting with your staff, customers and partners some of the tools we use are blogs, LinkedIn, audio and video podcasts and microblogging tools like Twitter to online PR.

How is the Social media consultancy delivered?

I like to advice companies and empower them to achieve their social media goals from within online providing additional delivery resources where necessary.

Social media strategy: Establish if social media marketing is relevant for your business and if so which networks are relevant to the company and help find/build community.

Social Media Monitoring: Buzz analysis of current perception of the brand, community relations to improve reputation & targeting/nurturing brand evangelists,

Blogging Strategy: If, how, where, when and how

Blog creating: Design, launch and management of a new blog

Blog coaching: content planning, tone & brand, copywriting

Online reputation management: online PR crisis management

Blog outreach: Coach on how to launch an outreach campaign, pitch to bloggers and get a positive response

SEO: On site content strategies and link building. ‘

Personal Branding: Creating and promoting personal brands

Event planning: Creating events for you to engage your audiences.

Need a social media consultant, call me ? phone: 07971 406371, skype: murray.newlands, email: mrn(@)


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