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How can you stand out in a world of bloggers who are writing product reviews? Mommy Bloggers and now other types of bloggers, including technology, fashion and photography bloggers are receiving free products and writing about them on their blog.

This is a series on how to write the best Product Reviews. First we will start with the main part of a review, the description. This is what to keep in mind when writing a Description:

1) Be Personal – Use your own experience with the item. Since you will have a chance to use, touch, feel and try it out for yourself then write about that. Use your own words. If you use verbiage from the company’s material or website, always put it in quotes.

2) Be Specific – Provide dimensions, color choices, sizes, price, etc.

3) Company Information – Include some information about the company that made the product. If it is a small size company or something made or invented by one person, write about why the product was made and a short bio about him or her.

4) Other People’s Experiences – If the product is used by a child for example, write about the child’s reaction and interest. If they are old enough or it is another adult, use quotes from them.

5) Be Accurate – This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many reviews include incorrect information. Check and double check your facts.

6) Be Unique – Use your own voice when writing your Description. Do you use humor or are you straightforward in the rest of your blog? Continue that writing style in your review.

Here’s a review of The Obama Time Capsule by Robyn’s Online World. Notice how she wrote that you can purchase the book without customizing it, detailed information about the book itself and how her son enjoyed it.

Take a look at a short review of the Affinity Washer and Dryer from Frigidaire from A Cowboy’s Wife. Her Description is definitely unique. She used humor but included the specifics that anyone would need to know before making a big purchase of appliances.

If you are a product reviewer, what are other tips you would include for the Description part of your review?

If you read product reviews on blogs, what would do you like or dislike?

If you are an advertiser, what do you want included in Descriptions?

– Connie Roberts

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