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This is a continuing series on how to write the best Product Reviews. First, Descriptions were discussed as the most important part of any review post.  Now we will cover Photographs and their role in connecting your readers to your review.

Readers want to see the product that you are writing about. Even when you are descriptive as possible, having at least one photograph is necessary. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, but it is best to take your own photos especially with the item in use.

Sometimes stock photos that are provided do work better, but that is a rare occurrence. The few times that I can think of using photos provided by the advertiser is when the item is shiny and there is too much glare using your own camera, when minute details are needed that you are unable to capture, or if you are reviewing a book or CD. Even then, inserting a small photo of your own adds authenticity to your review.

Here are some tips about using Photographs with your product reviews:

1) Take about 10 photos of the product itself. Show various angles, sides, views. You probably won’t use them all, but it’s best to have a lot to choose from.

2) Take photos of the item with a model. If it’s a toy, have your child play with it and take some candid shots. For a household item such as Tide Detergent, show not only the container, but the liquid in the cup on top of your washer. You can even be in the photo by using an xshot camera extender.

3) When adding photos to your blog post, be sure to place them so that they don’t detract from your written word, but rather increase the value of your post.

4) Videos is another type of photography to use. Take videos of the products to your blog posts. You can discuss the features while showing the item. Don’t make your videos too long or you may lose your readers interest.

5) Slide Shows – Use many photos and make them into a slide show.

Val does an amazing job of using her own photos, videos and even stock photos in her Walmart Your Zone Teen Bedroom Review. Her video gets her point acrosss i.e. her son’s room looked a whole lot better after the makeover! Notice that her video is also listed on YouTube so she can get links from there and that she mentions her sponsors on her video by name.

Again, Val uses her own photos on her blog Mom Knows It All when she reviews Mayfair Lane. In fact almost all of her blog product reviews includes photographs she has taken herself.

What are some of the best photography tips you can give as a product reviewer, as an advertiser or as a reader?

– Connie Roberts

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