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How to make a blog site popular. Top Tips List and Secrets you need to know about how to make a blog site popular.

Blogging is all about conversation, but what you may not know is how much of that is not what you think.

How to make a blog site popular basics

Use the Best WordPress plugins post

Get a good theme that optimises well

Link internal between posts

Good SEO for post your titles and content.

You have to have good links coming to your site, these can come from blog roll links or articles. How do you get these? Who do you know, yes just like in every industry who you know counts almost as much as what you know.

Get to know other bloggers, go to events comment on their posts and deliberately write posts and link to other bloggers on the same topic. Yup engage them in, my favourite topic, conversation.

Guest posting on other blogs is a great way of building links in and letting other blog readers know about your blog.

How to make a blog site popular beyond the basics

Join a blogging buddy group this helps you get more links and spread your blog, it also adds to the number of comments you get and people are more likely to engage with blogs where there are others also commenting.

Go to real life events and meet bloggers face to face, this is the fastest and most successful way of engaging in conversation which yes leads to links back and collaborations which will boost your traffic.

Break from your niche. Going niche ensures that you have a audience and subject which you are known for. It also means that you have a chunk of related content and interlinked posts which Google likes. However if you are niche there will only be so much audience you can reach, if you want your site to grow fast you have to think about how you can break from that niche.  

Write good content but make sure that it is content which is conversational. Make sure that your content is going to hit an audience and get them talking. This does not have to be all of your posts but at least make sure that you research some of your posts and make sure that they hit the money in terms of seo optimisation or stumble or whichever traffic method you are going for.

Know more tips about how to make a blog site popular? Drop me a line I will add the tip and credit you.

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