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Right now is the perfect time to increase your affiliate income with a seasonal Gift Affiliate Program. Almost everyone does at least some shopping during the holidays, so no matter what niche you’re in there are products to interest your readers. The more personal your suggestions and reasons for recommending specific gifts and the stronger connection you can make to either you or your site the better. There are a number of Gift Affiliate Program s you should be trying now.

It has never been easier to add affiliate linked products to any site. Derek Semmler just added an entire Wedding Store to our Joint Venture Executive Gift Blog by joining Bridaluxe and adding one bit of code. Can you imagine? Instantly we have a professionally designed store with thousands of affiliate products from dozens of merchants already in it. The store automatically updates the content and features different products.

Although not every niche is blessed with such an automatic way of offering affiliate programs, there are now many solutions for pulling product feeds into blogs including DataFeedFile, DataFeedR and PopShops. Each of these makes it easy to select and add hundreds or even thousands of affiliate products virtually overnight.

I mentioned these tools first because online shopping starts earlier because of the time required for shipping. The sooner you start recommending gifts you truly believe your readers might desire, the more likely you are to make money from holiday sales. To make this even simpler for you I work with a gift store that converts very well and also has a huge selection of unique, personalizable gifts avalable with this gift affiliate program.

Their gifts are already in all of the tools I just mentioned so you can quickly add them to your site. I used them as my example of a gift affiliate program that really converts and even spelled out exactly why their store does so well.

If you wonder why you should heed my advice just ask Murray. He recently reblogged my Best of GrowMap post that links to the best advice I’ve shared based on years of experience growing ecommerce stores and managing pay per click accounts.

The more you learn the better position you are in to evaluate whether what someone else advises is accurate and complete. I believe you’ll agree that Murray knows a lot about affiliate programs and making money online. If he shared the Best of GrowMap with you there must be some very good reasons.

If you’re still not convinced I have several other rabbits to pull out of my hat:

  1. If you would rather promote individual items you can increase your commission to 20% with manual affiliate tracking links.
  2. Just ask and I will personally compile a spreadsheet of the Executive Gift Shoppe best selling products specific to your niche.
  3. Not sure what could possibly be of interest to your readers? Ask me and I’ll hand select products that fit and offer ideas on how to recommend them smoothly in your content.
  4. We’ll be publishing a Countdown of the Top 99 Best Selling Gifts between Nov 1 and Dec 24, 2008 in the ExecGiftsBlog using the Zemanta plugin that allows anyone to “reblog” their choice of any or all of these posts. Join our affiliate gift program and use them as-is or make them your own. Do be sure to edit the affiliate code! We have suggested they automate that in a future version.
  5. Most importantly we want to collaborate with you. We will share your best content across our favorite Social Networks including Twitter, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed, Facebook, Delicious and will be expanding our presence at Reddit.
  6. We will write about and link to your site.
  7. Are you a dofollow blogger or interested in becoming one? We’ll add you to our DoFollow Bloggers list at Twitter so your blog will end up on the radar of all the other dofollow bloggers with whom we collaborate.

There is no time like now so we hope we’ve convinced you to jump right in and start adding gifts to your existing site(s). If you have a mailing list and would like a special offer or ideas for what gifts your readers might love just ask.

Feel free to contact us through our GrowMap blog or send a message to @GrowMap at Twitter. We would love to hear any suggestions you may on how we can make our gift affiliate program even better and hope we’ll be collaborating with you soon.


Gail Gardner Internet Strategist

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