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Saturday Blog Roundup

I have not done a roundup post in a couple of weeks so here is a list of my recent posts if you missed them.

Secret Diary Blogging an interview 
Tell me about your Blog?
The blog is a secret diary of a small London publishing office. Featuring everything all the workers and some of the managers really get up to when the boss has his back turned.

Sponzai are Sponsored Tweets only bigger for blog outreach
Sponzai Sponsored Tweets but bigger
Sponzai are like sponsored Tweets only bigger.

Searchcowboys, Bas van den Beld an interview
Searchcowboys, Bas van den Beld an interview

Sponsored Tweets or Not
Is Sponsored Tweets selling out and should you do it?
The debate Sponsored Tweets rumbles on.
For Sponsored Tweets well obvioulsy Ted Murphy is in favour and in his new post I call #bullshite

Tim Schroeder blogger and super affiliate
Tim Schroeder blogger and super affiliate
I recently bloggers about Deb Schroeder ChattyGal.com part of the fantastic duo that is Deb and Tim Schroeder, well now for some love for Tim Schroeder.

Mark Drapeau an interview
Tell me about your Mark Drapeau?
markdrapeau.com and I also teach at George Washington University
What was your first experience of social media?

Public relations lesson from a hot pink pig 
The other day, I was driving around my hometown of Oklahoma City, when I passed Chisholm Trail BBQ, which has a giant hot pink pig-shaped sign on the roof.

Adsmarket Affiliate Network Offers More Than Company News on Their Corporate Blog
We launched our blog in April of 2009 to represent our affiliate network’s smushy side a little, but also to show off some of the experience and talent we have here on our team.

Email statistics that may shock you
email statistics that may shock you
email statistic 1) In 2001 nearly 12 billion email messages were sent every day  Jupiter Communications

Neverblue Appoints New Director of Sales and Business Development Max Humphreys
Max Humphreys tell me about your new job?
It’s fantastic, we have a great team here at Neverblue.  I’m excited about the growth prospects for the company and the industry as a whole.

Fitness Blogger Murray Newlands Set To Test His Social Media Fitness
Fitness Blogger Murray Newlands has been appointed to take on the social media campaign for Fitness TV, the UK’s first dedicated health and fitness TV channel. I know what you are thinking Murray Newlands Fitness Blobber?

Email marketing services UK Ebull
Email marketing services UK
I would like to welcome a new advertiser to murraynewlands.com email marketing blog  Ebull.co.uk provide email marketing services in the UK.

Reading Marketing and PR
Reading Marketing and PR. This  post is about a little giving back to Reading Marketing and PR agency

Adsmarket FAST LANE Competition – Publishers, start your engines
The FAST LANE promotion is all about speed, people. If you aren’t yet an
Adsmarket Publisher, now is a GREAT time to join and start generating some
serious revenue, and fast…

Social Media or Personal Media
Yesterday I put up this post Trident Layers Tridentgum and I also posted it to their Facebook Fan page.

Top Five Forums For Bloggers Who Review Products
Top   For Bloggers Who Write Product Reviews:
1. The Product Review Place – Top rate community for both bloggers and companies to meet in one place.

Naked videos photos and links or not
personally, I like the new naked skin less format for the blog.
It has been suggested to me that I should use this skin

Murray Newlands at MarketLeverage
A few weeks back I was at Izeafest and while I was there I took the opportunity to go and see MarketLeverage internet affiliate marketing network at home in their offices.

StrongMail Influencer turns customers into ambassadors generating sales
StrongMail Influencer turns customers into ambassadors generating sales.

Trident Layers Tridentgum
Trident Layers Tridentgum Ok so it is a fun photo that I took with some random strangers that stopped me in the street.

Fivelead Premium Affiliate Network Manmeet Singh an interview
Fivelead Premium Affiliate Network Manmeet Singh an interview

Silvertap affiliate marketing program providers, John Shannon an interview
Silvertap affiliate marketing program providers, John Shannon an interview.

Audience Conference Reaction
Audience Conference was a great conference put on by Loren Feldman and team

When it all goes wrong an apology
Firstly I would like to apologise to anyone who was offended by yesterday’s posts. No offence was intended.

Scott Richter personal branding
Scott Richter personal branding    
Standing out from the crowd and getting notices is a key differentiator in business, blogging and at affiliate conventions like adtech.

World Tube Map when trains replace flights
World Tube Map an interview with James Avery
Trains will replace plains and rail transport will supersede flight

Proofreading Software After the Deadline
I would like to thank Deb Schroeder ChattyGal.com for recommending the Proofreading Software After the Deadline. It should help me with my spelling. What does it do ?

Jennifer Leet from The Dirty Shirt an Interview
Jennifer Leet from The Dirty Shirt an interview. If you read product reviews, you know Jennifer and her blog.

Adrienne Van Houten No Niche Blogger at Adrienne’s House An Interview
Adrienne Van Houten No Niche Blogger at Adrienne’s House, an interview
The term Mommy Blogger has been around for a while now.

Slimming dot com Hannah Marcus an interview
Slimming dot com Hannah Marcus an interview
Slimming.com is a new merchant site selling you guessed it Slimming products, they are looking for affiliates and merchant.

Problogger Posts About Product Reviews
Problogger had a guest post about PR People and their connection with product reviewers.

The BlogUP the adtech after event
Thank you to everyone to came last night. Small in number but high in quality The Blog up New York proved a great success with opportunity to work together on projects in abundance

Deb Schroeder ChattyGal at adtech
Did you meet Deb Schroeder ChattyGal.com at adtech? Who is Deb Schroeder?

Mulyoo Joshua Parker an interview
Tell me about your Company?
Our company is called Mulyoo. Mulyoo is a play on the word “milieu,” which means community.

adtech New York at the Javits Center
adtech New York at the Javits Center. Well the second day of the show is over and what a day.

adtech New York and a great night with ClickBooth
Yesterday was the first day of adtech New York 2009 at the Javits centre.
The Javits centre is very different from the there is space from the Hilton there is space to breath.

Your 15 Minutes of Internet Fame
We are lining in a society that is obsessed with fame. Or rather the idea of fame. Think I’m crazy Google “Famous Blogger” and see which certain character comes up at the top

SEO expert Nigel Swaby an interview
Tell me about your Blog?
SEO by Swaby is my company blog, but I give away a lot of great tips for do-it-yourselfers.

AffiliCert Affiliate Certification what the hell
AffiliCert Affiliate Certification what is it and how to get around it.
Yesterday I went to the MediaTrust & Offervault Fraud Prevention Luncheon
Affiliate Fraud being number one on the agenda.

Blogging tips & tricks Bilal Rammuny an interview
Hey Bilal, glad to be doing this interview with you today.
To start off this interview can we get a little bio about what you do?

adtech New York 2009 starts Today
ad:tech New York opens its doors today
If you would like to meet me you will probably find me either by the Affiliate Summit Booth with Missy Ward and Shawn Collins

Adsmarket.com Partners with PlusTrees.org
Adsmarket.com and PlusTrees.org announced on November 2, 2009 a global partnership with the goal of taking on global warming and deforestation issues, one tree at a time.

Google Alerts Connecting With Advertisers
Setting up Google Alerts with the names of the advertisers is another way to connect with advertisers you want to work with on your blog as a product reviewer.

Kyle Judkins an Interview
Tell me about your blogs?
My name is Kyle Judkins, and I run two blogs. My tech blog, LostInTechnology, provides tips, tricks and how to’s to help you get the most out of your software and gadgets.

Adtech Pre-Party Pre-Party
Adtech Pre Party Pre Party
Tomorrow Tuesday Nov 3 in New York we are having a pre-party pre-party. Heather Smith and I are meeting up at 4:30pm 4 convo Latitude Bar 783 8th Avenue.

PPC Marketing affiliates wanted
PPC Marketing affiliates wanted for a number of international affiliate campaigns.

Twitter for Business
Twitter for Business, how to make Twitter for Business make you money fast.

I want to interview You during ad:tech New York for Affiliate Summit

about Twitter for Business and if you want a detailed how to here it is:
50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business 
Twitter for Business Positives

Twitter helps one organize great, instant meetups (tweetups).
Twitter works swell as an opinion poll.
Twitter can help […]

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I want to interview You during ad:tech New York for Affiliate Summit

I want to interview You during ad:tech New York for Affiliate Summit
I will be doing video interviews during  adtech New York that we will host on the Affiliate Summit Blog as well as on GeekCast.fm.

Gift Affiliate Program to Fit Any Niche
Gift Affiliate Program
Right now is the perfect time to increase your affiliate income with a seasonal Gift Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Marketing Publishers Charity Competition
The Live Like A Super Affiliate Publishers Charity Competition gives you the opportunity to embark on some amazing experiences that Super Affiliates have the luxury of doing whenever they want.

Self Esteem and Success with Crystals Quest an interview with Crystal N Woods
Self Esteem and Success with Crystals Quest an interview with Crystal N Woods. Tell me about your Blog?

Recent Posts 19th Oct to 3rd Nov
My last roundup post.

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