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Social Media or Personal Media

Yesterday I put up this post Trident Layers Tridentgum and I also posted it to their Facebook Fan page. Today Trident® Chewing Gum posted on their page to say thank you. That is great but I have become accustom to brands having personal contact when using social media.

Whey use real personal profiles in social media.  Simply put  people identify with and trust people more readily than with a “corporate brand”. The down side is if they ever leave you lose a large part of your social media brand. Where have we seen this? Well Scott Monty is well known for running Ford’s social media. This is the same reasoning that email marketing refer a friend campaigns works with StrongMail Influencer, people trust people. The way this is managed is to create a social media account for a person to use and let everyone know it is a person behind it and have them respond Personal Name Company Name i.e. Murray – Murraynewlands.com. Now it may be I just did not see them.

Do not get me wrong the Trident Layers Tridentgum  street campaign is great and their Facebook Fan page is fully engaged, but I would love to have a personal contact visible.

Do you have experiences of Social Media or Personal Media to share?

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