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Trident Layers Tridentgum

Trident Layers Tridentgum

Ok so it is a fun photo that I took with some random strangers that stopped me in the street. Like me they were just out for the day when someone stopped them and paid them to have their faces painted. They stopped me, I don’t know why and said you look fun please can we get our photo taken with you, they had a little camera. I then got a photo with my camera. I am writing this as a thank you to Trident Layers Tridentgum and the two girls for providing me wiht a fun photo and to ask you to stop and think how can you make your content go viral but letting others (like the girls in the photo) spread the word of your website for you? Can you give them a little banner, can you make them an ambassador for your brand? How do you turn strangers into fans and ambassadors for you?

Trident Layers coming to a face near you 🙂

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