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Top   For Bloggers Who Write Product Reviews:

1. The Product Review Place – Top rate community for both bloggers and companies to meet in one place. Run by Stacie from the Divine Miss Mommy and Lisa Samples of Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1.  Anyone can join to make connections and there’s never a feeling of competition. Bloggers can post their reviews in various groups. Advertisers or PR people can make pitches to bloggers and it’s all organized and simple to use. Although this forum is less then five months old, there are over 1000 members already.

2. Twitter Moms – Megan Calhoun began this Ning group just about one year ago and it has grown to be very successful. She sends out alerts to members for reviews where you can earn money, enter contests to win prizes and connect with other bloggers. Although most of the review opportunities are not hands on, they are perfect for getting a start in writing reviews, increasing your ranking and getting social media attention. Most of the opportunities are linked in some way to Twitter either with a hashtag or with a Twitter party.

There are also many different groups within the forum. Some are for bloggers who already do product reviews, for bloggers who want to learn about how to write reviews, to connect with advertisers and share your reviews and giveaways.

3. Mom Bloggers Club – You can find everything at Mom Bloggers Club, one of the most widely known forums for mom bloggers. Jennifer James has done a fantastic job of connecting and promoting bloggers. If you need help with anything to do with blogging, including product reviews, there’s a group or discussion in the forum for it. You can even ask one of the Mom Club Ambassadors to help you out.

4. Mom.Dot Forum – There are actually two forums – the “regular forum” and the MomDots V.I.P Blogger Program where you have access to PR people for review opportunities. You must be an active member of the forum for four weeks before being approved.

5. Former Momfluence Forum (in process of being renamed) – Amy Lupold Bair from Resourceful Mommy began this forum and is changing the name and logo for the group. Watch her blog for updates. She offers mainly website reviews but there are sometimes opportunities for product reviews, especially if you attend her Site Warming Parties, where you can connect with advertisers, PR people, etc.

– Connie Roberts

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