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Alexa Rank v Google Stats

alexa rank

Now I know Alexa Rank has its challenges but I think it is probably fairly accurate at comparing traffic from one blog to another in the same sector and I have created a nice graph above with some other blogs similar affiliate marketing blogs to murraynewlands.com.

Alexa says 

“What is Reach?

Reach measures the number of users. Reach is typically expressed as the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site. So, for example, if a site like yahoo.com has a reach of 28%, this means that of all global Internet users measured by Alexa, 28% of them visit yahoo.com. Alexa’s one-week and three-month average reach are measures of daily reach, averaged over the specified time period. The three-month change is determined by comparing a site’s current reach with its values from three months ago.

The trouble is that sometimes my Reach goes up when Google says I have less traffic and the reverse. Just to complicate things my server stats will sometimes agree with one of the other. I am not sure if there is an answer, but is driving me nuts and I thought I would share it so if you are reading this and experiencing the same challenge you will know you are not alone!

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