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In case you missed anything recently 🙂 Writing this up I realize how long it has been since I last did a roundup.

Incoming Links Thanks
This is a little link love to those who have linked to me recently

Affiliate Summit Las Vegas Flights

I just bought my Affiliate Summit Flights!

Anastasia Borisyuk Eco-Babyz Green Blogger An Interview

Anastasia shares product reviews about eco-friendly children’s products and how to live more naturally as a parent on her blog.

Happy Christmas

I know you have seen this before but it makes me smile and I thought it would make a good Christmas day post.

Break Down the SEM Silos- An interview with Matt Malden, CEO of Yield Software, Inc.

Q: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is made up of three key disciplines: paid search management and optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), and landing page optimization.

Shasta Walton Faithfully Frugal and Free Blogger An Interview

Shasta shares about bargains, discounts and free items on her blog. She also writes honest product reviews especially those for children.

Emma Kupiak Affiliate Manager at Neverblue
Emma Kupiak is an Affiliate Manager with Neverblue.
Thanks to Eric Schechter for these great new blog fan club photos.
Over the weekend I spoke to my friend James Walker, many will know him from the networks Canadian Sponsors and Ourfreestuff.
I interviewed Marshall Sponder way back at Adtech New York. Marshall Sponder run
Don’t forget your blog readers and get carried away with Google rank, SEO and stats.
Kat is a new mother who blogs about products that stand up to her quality test.
Viral posts can be a great way of increasing your traffic / audience and getting links back.
Leslie writes her reviews in a way that keeps you coming back for more. She has values and sticks to them as you can see in this interview and in her blog too.
I have been nominated for the Pinnacle Awards Finalists at Affiliate Summit West 2010 .
Now I know Alexa Rank has its challenges but I think it is probably fairly accurate at comparing traffic from one blog to another in the same sector and I have created a nice graph above with some other blogs similar affiliate marketing blogs to murraynewlands.com.
The Twitter Moms Ning Group has been online since September of 2008 and now has over 21 thousand members.
A monthly meetup in London for anyone interested in Inbound Marketing.
Sites to promote your giveaways will help you get a high number of entries.
Neverblue came up top trumps this Christmas with this great bathrobe, Calander and Christmas stocking.
When you write a product review on Amazon you can gain traffic to your blog.
Becoming a brand ambassador is a goal for many bloggers who write product reviews.
Heather has been blogging since June of this year, yet with hard work and a lot of determination she regularly writes product reviews including giveaways on her blog.
A Twitter entry for your blog giveaway is a must. Requesting entrants to tweet about your giveaway is one of the best means of promotion.
Diablo Media is an exclusive network. Our team is comprised of highly talented professionals, working together to generate high quality traffic and reliable leads.
I meet Warren in Florida at Izeafest. We spoke a couple of times and he kindly agreed to do a interview with me.
When writing your holiday product reviews time them to post when your readers can still take advantage of them.
Zippy is funny, in fact hilarious at times, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t knowledgeable about writing product reviews that provide necessary information.
Google Eric Schechter and you will see 2 photos of me from Google image search above the listing for his blog.
Affiliate.com a division of Media Breakaway is a top player in affiliate marketing.
Ashley Veater is a wife and mom of 2 girls who lives in Seattle, enjoys travel and writing about her family and doing product reviews.
I would like to anounce the team www.Neverblue.com  as the winntersof my YouTube Film Contest.
Product reviewers do get paid. Many bloggers do product reviews and their compensation is the product itself.
Blog Critique, I can help.
Angie has come from nothing close to a simple kind of life, but she turned it around and is now a top blogger and product reviewer who works hard to share information about products that will help us make our lives easier, posts about her own and other
Product review formats are an important choice among bloggers who write reviews.
As Clickbooth’s PR Coordinator, I’m responsible for informing the public about Clickbooth’s recent news, explaining the value of useful affiliate marketing tools
Freedata Labs Alex loved Monitoring Social Media 09 (MSM09) he thought that the speakers were great.
Product review blog carnivals can help you boost your traffic.
OK, so in my last post we talked about SEO in context…but now you’re probably wondering, where do I start?
TrendStream have produced this nifty report that is well worth watching.
Soso china’s largest search engine has suddenly picked me up and started to become a significant traffic driver today.
One More Week to Save
After many requests, LeadsCon Las Vegas 2010 are pleased to announce that we have extended the Early Bird deadline by one week.
Product review links make money on your blog.

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