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Famous YouTube People

I would like to anounce the team www.Neverblue.com  as the winntersof my YouTube Film Contest.

The team at Neverblue grabbed there chance at becomming famous youtube people by winning my YouTube contest. The Neverblue Affiliate Network team put in a huge amount of work in a short space of time to become winners. The creativity and preffesionalisum of the team was outstanding. I would like to congratulate Breanne Storey for making it happen for them.


Runners up were the www.Shopzilla.co.uk  team with this great video.

There were lots of people competing, here are some of the ones you may not have seen yet

Under FTC guidelines I have to disclose that Neverblue sponsor this blog, however this had nothing to do with picking the winner of the competition. Keep looking out for more YouTube conests and Famous YouTube People.

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