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Product review formats are an important choice among bloggers who write reviews. You want your readers, who are busy, to be able to get the important information about the product quickly but you don’t want your posts to look like a script either. There are several formats that product reviewers use.

First, a reviewer writes in his or her own style. Posts are written naturally more like a story than a review. Often there is humor and lots of creativity with this format. Some readers enjoy this as it’s unique and doesn’t seem like an advertisement for the product. There are details included of course, but they are found throughout the post.

Second, a product review format that is used is a script. A product reviewer writes using the same style each time. For example, there are parts named, “My Thoughts”, “Buy This”, etc. Each post is written with the same topics. Readers can find the information they want easily and know what to expect from the reviewer.

Third, a product review format that is used includes a rating system of some kind. It can be written out with details or rated with stars, for example. There is a need to have a description of what your rating system means. There can be creativity included with this too. You can use shopping bags instead of stars to rate a product. The rating system product review format can be included in other formats.

Product reviewers can mix it up a bit too when writing their reviews, but not too often. When you find a format that works for you (you know it works because you’ve gotten feedback from your readers) it’s best to stick with that. Once in while though, you may review a product that deserves using your own style of writing. If  you review a hotel room in Country Inn and Suites, you may just need a lot of photos and a bit of humor.

The right product review format can help you gain readers or lose them. Have you ever asked your readers or people who will give you honest advice what their thoughts are about the way you write your reviews?


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