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Product review links make money on your blog. When you write your product review consider the links you will enter on your post so that you can earn as much money as possible. If you are an affiliate for the product or for the site selling the product, use that link. For example if you are reviewing a book and are an Amazon.com affiliate, link to the sales page on Amazon.com. Reviewing a Wii game? If you are an eBay affiliate you can link to the pages of sales and/or auctions for that game.

Use the category link within your product review post to make some extra money too. When you review a pair of shoes, link to the brand of shoes in your affiliate. For example, if you review a pair of Crocs Blitzen shoes, link to Crocs shoes on Zappos so there are more choices for your reader to view.

When you write a review about an Apple computer, be sure to link to the computer itself and to other accessories that will be needed or wanted. So products that are associated with your main category are important also. Consider who your readers are and link to products they will most likely purchase. If your readership is mostly young men who are into tech items, then link to the gadgets for the computer. If your readership is mostly women in their 40’s then link to nice looking laptop bags, programs that help with organizing, etc.

Be sure to use product review links that will make money by taking into consideration your affiliate connections, the category your products fit into and other items that are associated with the product. Product review links can earn you extra money if used correctly.

Connie Roberts

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