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Chatbots, Chatbots ─  in case you didn`t hear me ─ Chatbots!

Yes, they are hot now, and every business has one ─ or should have one.

A chatbot gives you the opportunity to maintain your brand’s image and voice through all social media platforms, to engage with customers from all around the world.

They might be small but do big jobs, just for you.

The big rise and popularity of chatbots have been made thanks to big advances in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Processing fields.

Young consumers prefer to communicate with their brands and shop online using their preferred platform by messaging, all on the go, and if you want to be successful today, you have to follow the crowd.

So, how can you make an enterprise chatbot cheaply or for free?

Here’s how. . .

Use a “No Coding Required” Building Tool

Building a chatbot can be fun, easy and free. You don`t need to know how to code, and you don`t even need any prior knowledge about chatbots ─ you just need to have a plan of what kind of chatbot you need.

Today, you can have a chatbot for free by using one of the available platforms. If you want an enterprise and a smart, human-like chatbot, you can start here, with ChattyPeople Enterprise Bot Making Platform.

Best of all ─ The one-click integration with Facebook Messenger.

ChattyPeople helps anyone to create a Facebook chatbot with no coding at all, with just drag and drop options. The service is intended to help businesses that provide constant customer support for their customers.

It supports OpenCard, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce e-shop platforms.

Also, ChattyPeople integrates with Stripe and PayPal and is available for free.

If your business needs more, you can upgrade to the Advanced Plan. The upgrade includes auto updates, premium support, unlimited comments reply, and more. ChattyPeople also has a new feature, Slack integration.

You can find many more platforms where you can make your chatbot for free, but remember, there are two types of chatbots – one trained to give simple answers and slow responses to customers and one that you can build with an enterprise chatbot platform with a human-like feeling, client recognition, AI and NLP.

They both have the same price – free ─ but which kind of bot would you rather have for your business? The decision is easy if you ask me ─ ChattyPeople’s bot!


You have found your preferred platform and decided to have your own chatbot. Yes, the building can be easy, but to know what makes a successful chatbot can be a bit tricky.

Thankfully, the internet has connected us with people from all around the world that are sharing their knowledge they have about chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

You can find many online articles and tutorials that will help you to make a successful chatbot.

If you are reading here regularly, you know that I have mentioned the list of available resources in the article, 5 Reliable Sources to Learn About Enterprise Chatbot Today – be sure to read it, they are all free.


Chatbots can be a very helpful tool. They can help your business from marketing to sales to customer support, and you can consider them as the hardest team member that you will ever have.

By using the right platform to build your chatbot, it is a great start, but to make it more powerful, you can add more and more tools and plug ins.

It all depends on what your chatbot’s primary role is, as you can find tools from simple newsletters to sending messages to clients to more complicated things, such as scheduling and recording meetings – all for free.

I recently made a list of 10 chatbot development software tools you should try, so make sure to take a look at that post, as well.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

There you have it. I have shown you in this article how you can have a powerful chatbot for free using resources, tools and pre-build platforms.

As the demand of chatbots is rapidly increasing every day, and more and more people are using them for their business’s needs to interact and stay connected with their consumers, we can`t forget that the budget plays a big role in the decision to build one.

By using everything we have mentioned in this article, you can still have a powerful chatbot and stay within your budget – especially if the chatbot is free!

Try ChattyPeople’s Bot Building Platform today! 


Posted By Maya S.