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Join the blog fan club today. Yes it is new and limited in number; I like to think of it as “exclusive”.

To join the blog fan club click on the link below and either put that up as a side banner on your site with a link back to this blog and or print it out take a photo of yourself with the photo and blog it, tweet it to or email it in to me.

Blog Fan Club



Exclusive blog fan club membership gets you:
-You will appear in the rotation of images on the side banner of this blog.
-For a limited time only a post about you on this site.

Please help me get more blog fan club fans. How to get fans just ask your friends to do the above 🙂

Things you can do as a fan to help me grow this blog.

Put up a banner for the site.








Join the email list.

Comment on the site.

Enter the contests.

Link to this site on the following terms:

Marketing blog
Affiliate blog
Email marketing blog
Social media marketing blog
Blog outreach

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Blog Fan Club




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Shopzilla PubTeam - Murray

@starryskye81 “ See? I such a big fan of @MurrayNewlands I don’t even have to Photoshop a picture of me and him! (Well, and @RideToRemedy lol)”

blog fan club

Connie and family received by email 

murraynewlands fan club connie

murray newlands fan club

murraynewlands fanclub 2

Thank @ecoscot



The page has been up for one day and Simon Templeman sent me this photo.


 For more blog club fun

murray newlands mug


murray newlands dog

There are lots more here

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