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One of the biggest take always I got from Audience conference was to interact more with the blog audience and build your blog fan club. On the basis that you should write about what you want, how to get fans, here I go.

If you like this blog and want to egg me on and encourage me to write more than please join my blog fan club. Simple as that.

I started to think about the nature of a blog fan club and why people engage with blogs as well as how bloggers encourage fans.

Here are some of the things that bloggers do:

Write good provocative content which engages. Ok as a blogger that can be done.

More than good content you need to engage. I see the following as acknowledge, reward, encouragement and enable. If you want people to be fans of your site you need to be able to enable them to express their connection with the site as well as enable them to communicate together even if this is just sharing contact details.

Comment love plugging, gives a follow link for everyone who makes a comment. This encourages people who want links to their blogs to make comment. The more comments there are the more likely others are to comment and the more connected that the fans get.

Top commentators list. This rewards top commentators with acknowledegement on your site and gives them greater visibility. This rewards, encourages and enables the fans to show that they like the site.

Photo’s of fans warring your logo shirts or whatever. I have seen this done by ted.me  The Ted Head Gallery is Live and Shoemoney’s photos. As a fan you are given a mechanism to do something to engage with the site. You are then rewarded for the activity on the site that you like.

Giving money and Buying advertising. If you love a site you may be prepared to buy advertising or donate money on it to reach others like you interested in your topic and to encourage the writer.

Blogging about their readers.

Providing a badge or banner that their fans can show on their websites to show their support for the blog they like. Benspark.com does this well with his changing badge. There is another way of doing this with a badge that you as a blogger think your fan is a great blogger. Liz Strauss does this with her SOB badges she gives out. SOB1

So I am starting my own click here for more information blog fan club.

What have you seen other bloggers do and what do you think?

7 comments on “Blog Fan Club

  • I’ve tried the top commentors list. It didn’t help my comments and just ate up sidebar space. However, lots of great advice in this post!

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