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Sunday solutions round up post

Michael Litman of Consolidated PR an interview

I work at Consolidated PR, a full service, independent PR agency. We’re 49th in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies 2009 and the only agency in the UK on both COI and Scottish Government rosters.

Social Media Sentiment Monitoring

Social Media Sentiment Monitoring, how acurate is it and should it be automated?

Inbound marketing UK

Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers.

Blog Contests Giveaways Increase Traffic

Read through your blog feeds and you’ll probably find contests and giveaways. They are on marketing blogs, movie review blogs, SEO blogs and almost always on product review blogs.

Word-of-mouth marketing uk

I have been doing some research for some forthcoming posts and I kept coming across this term word-of-mouth marketing in different contexts so I did a little research into it and wanted to share what I found.

Market research social media

The other day I was on my way to see Visible Technologies www.visibletechnologies.com/ , review to come and I ended up sitting next to an old friend or mine Chris Lamaison from http://www.camres.co.uk/ he does market research in Cambridge for technology companies.

BuzzStream Review

BuzzStream is a social media monitoring tool. BuzzStream tells you what people are saying about you online.

Banjo Blogger Paul Pope an interview

I have a blog called “My Banjo Life” wherein I pass along advice, humor, instructions, thoughts, etc., regarding 5 string bluegrass banjo picking. I talk about many facets of being a bluegrass banjo player.

Global Affiliate Network Neverblue, has set is sights on Europe

Neverblue is well known as a leading Affiliate Network in North America, but would it surprise you to learn that roughly 40% of their conversions occur outside of the US?

Site Fan Club

Site Fan Club members, thank you for sending in your blog fan club photos.

Italian Blogger Dan Di Gregorio an interview

My name is Dan Di Gregorio and i’m 42 years old roman  I am a web developer and IT trainer since from 1995.

Youtube Fan Club

YouTube Fan Club members. I am not sure If I should be grateful or scared but the latest entry to the YouTube Film Contest and the commentary.

Unlikely Entrepreneur Cynthia an interview

Unlikely Entrepreneur is not a blog; it’s a blog/wiki hybrid (Martin Fowler calls this a bliki).

DGM premier affiliate network, Louisa Harvey an interview

DGM premier affiliate network, Louisa Harvey an interview

Blog Club

Blog Club like fight club only better. Free online and helping you blog better. The first blog club will be in London shortly.

The One Fantastical Nina Say an interview

You wouldn’t know by reading Nina’s blog that she is a young mother (19 years old).

WordPress SEO with Consultant Craig Fifield

I don’t have a personal blog at the moment. I publish my own small blog network so my time is spent developing that and assisting my SEO and WordPress consulting clients.

Blog Consulting Services

I offer a full range of blog consulting services and marketing services in the UK and USA.

Lori Falcon A Cowboy’s Wife An Interview

Lori Falcon is well known as a top blogger among other bloggers and advertisers.

London Blog Club 

I am planning a London Blog Club with a number of meet up’s with other London bloggers

How to get fans

How to get fans. Since I started writing about fans I have been getting quite a lot of interest.

Search Engine Optimization, In Context!

Over 10 years ago, a small company named Google set out to solve a new problem created by the explosive growth of the World Wide Web.

Sunday special round up post

Sunday special round-up post, this is a catchup post listing my latest posts incase you missed them