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If we look back, we can see how our ways of communicating have been changing fast.

We probably all have used email a lot, or you call someone from time to time, but this is the era of messaging and what is the best way to do it – with chatbots.

People don`t visit websites as much, and they want to get all the information that they need instantly, so that is why marketing personalities are embracing chatbots.

To help, this is how to use chatbots for marketing and sales conversion:

Real-Time Lead Engagement

We live in a consumer’s world where you need to deliver all the information to your customers fast.

Luckily, NLP-powered chatbots can interact with multiple clients at the same time while also being used to engage customers, answer simple questions or even making a sale.

Marketing Personalization

Chatbots are not just a simple greeting tool. Chatbots can find relevant content that can be tailored to fit every visitor individually.

By tracking visitors’ behavior and data, chatbots can remember their preferences each time it speaks to that client. One of the biggest assets of using chatbots in marketing is sending personalized messages to customers, that can boost your sales and increase conversation percentages.


Every business depends on leads. It`s hard to select a valued lead, and it takes a lot of time.

Thankfully, chatbots can do that within a minute. Using email integration, chatbots can nurture leads and push customers farther down the sales funnel. They can getter email addresses for your newsletter while engaging with clients in a few clicks.

Now, that`s efficiency.

Social Engagements

We all know that the holy grail of Social Marketing and every marketing campaign is Social Marketing Engagement.

Engaging with followers or promoting your brand image can be overwhelming sometimes especially if you are the one person who is doing everything.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing has empowered chatbots to be more human-like and help you with social media posting, all the time, even while you travel.

Also, one of the best capabilities that chatbots have is sending push notifications. Imagine that you are launching a new product and you have thousands of consumers that you need to notify ─ that will take you weeks.

However, chatbots can send push messages with a personal note to every customer instantly.


Chatbots identify the problem, and they offer a solution – fast.

Being that capable, chatbots are the new tool for driving sales.

When they have customers’ data and know their behavior, chatbots can offer them the product they need which means that chatbots can interact from the initial conversation to the selection to the order with the customer, and at the end, collect payment.

Sephora, for example, has reported 11% more sales using the chatbot in the first week – why? Because chatbots act like humans, but they are like robots, which never make mistakes.

Bots give the customers exact information in less time with no human’s mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots act like a real person when interacting with clients and gaining their trust.

Depending on how you train your bot, it can work in customer service, sales or marketing ─ or all three together.


Posted by Maya S.